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Pytech Resources has been providing Python training for working professionals as well as students in Malaysia since 2006. Classes are conducted by its founder, Boey Pak Cheong, who has had the privilege of guiding countless students on their journey to Python proficiency. His clients include Intel, F-Secure, CSGI, MIMOS, Censof, Usains, UPNM, UiTM and many others.

Besides our training services we have included a blog on Python coding that will guide even complete beginners to navigate through the intricacies of programming in a fun and engaging way. Our focus lies in demystifying complex programming concepts and breaking them down into digestible pieces. Our blogs will feature step-by-step tutorials, detailed explanations, and practical examples that allow you to learn at your own pace. Whether you're aiming to master the fundamentals of Python or seeking to tackle more advanced projects, we've got you covered.


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What You Will Gain

Boost Productivity
Programmer's time is a big part of development cost. Our training is geared towards making your development team highly productive.
Idiomatic Python

Programs must be written for people to read, and only incidentally for machines to execute.

Learn the essential Python idioms and techniques and coding style to make your programs readable and clear.
Deep Understanding
You will gain an in-depth understanding about Python that will enable you to exploit its powerful features and extensive libraries to get your job done in the most effective manner.
Rapid Application Development
Designing and writing a program in Python typically takes less than half the time needed to write it in C or C++. The code is also only half as long. The bottom line is that you can bring your product to market faster.


The three day course is an insightful one. I would recommend having seen some python scripts before coming into any computer programming course. I would also highly advise anyone who come here to have a purpose of learning Python. To me, it's to be able to understand, modify and write scripts for robotics and blockchain applications. Before attending this course, I had seen some syntaxes in scripts of other languages but could not decipher what each character meant. Often, I would skip reading those syntaxes which was why I could never get around understanding how scripts which others wrote worked. Now with Boey's Python for Beginners, I now understand what do these syntaxes such as brackets [ ] mean, why it's important to refer to scripts imported and how to understand others' scripts better. Learning a programming language requires us to get the basics right first. After that, there are tons of resources in the internet to further learn about what you would like your computer to do. I would recommend Boey's Python Class for Beginners to anybody who wants to revise their programming skills and also those who would like an insight of the programming field.

-- Peter Loo, Founder of a CryptoCurrency, Director of Mega Genset Malaysia Sdn Bhd, Cantab Alumni, Mechanical Engineer (1st Class Honours)

A great introduction to python for people who have little background but intend to further their journey in programming. Mr Boey definitely made the course interesting and easy to follow, thank you!

-- Jamie Chin 17 yrs

I have no regrets taking this course as it provided me with solid fundamental knowledge required to further my learning in programming. Mr Boey is patient and knowledgeable during his classes and puts in tremendous effort to see that we understand the syllabus. I would recommend taking his class!

-- Ho Teck Li, Undergraduate in M.Engineering

Excellent course, Great explanations and relevant exercises, the small class size meant lots of time and attention to us all. You can tell Mr Boey enjoys teaching python, has a way of explaining complex things simply, very glad I made the trip, and I look forward to attending the practical python course.

-- Jon Bandy (Perth, Western Australia)

For 2 years, I've started self-study with Python, with no development background. It was really a hard time, but thanks to P.C. Boey and his course, my thinking in Python was straightened out.

-- Mokhriz Mohammed, Materialise Sdn.Bhd.